A fantastic start...

Well...it's been a fantastic start to #thiswayup14 this morning with some truly great provocations from our amazing speakers. We've pondered the traditional cinema screening vs the interactive, multi-screen experience - examples of which include everything from designated 'Tweet seats' to 'bad film clubs' that advocate slow clapping during the best-worst bits. What do you think? Should we be encouraging this 'madness'? How, as film exhibitors in the digital age, do we get audiences to choose film when they have endless content available literally at their fingertips?

We've looked at alternative content, the likes of National Theatre Live bringing a completely different and unique experience to our screens. What do events like these mean for the future of film? Is it killing cinema as we know it?

We've thought about the future of programming and whether it belongs to us or instead, to the ever-increasing influence of the audiences themselves. If pop-up screenings and community cinemas are to be encouraged and supported in the spirit of 'bringing up' film culture, where does that leave traditional programming and programmers?

And what about the rise of boutique cinemas, seen so often today as a beacon for place making and area regeneration - are they the film equivalent of the upmarket wine bar?

We'll be discussing these in more detail throughout this afternoon's sessions - kicking off shortly (we can't wait). Don't forget you can follow the discussion on Twitter @thiswayupcon and via #thiswayup14.

Newcastle 2014TWU Team