Closing remarks

At the end of a fantastic couple of days, we’d like to thank everybody who made #thiswayup14 happen – our amazing speakers and panel members, our master of ceremonies, our event producer, Tyneside Cinema, and of course our delegates – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. This afternoon’s sessions brought another round of lively discussion, with Ivan Wadeson (The Dukes Lancaster) joining us in the Electra to discuss whether the audience is already the programmer, whether the quality of a film can really be determined by the amount of people who see it, and how important peer review is in film attendance – especially in an age when audiences have vast online audiences of their own.

Our closing remarks were delivered by Director and Chief Executive of Cornerhouse and HOME, Dave Moutrey, who gave us a preview of their brand new multi-artform venue, opening in May 2015 (and home to next year’s This Way Up conference). Our MC Jon Barrenechea (Picturehouse Cinemas) also announced the winner (or in this case, joint winners) of the very first Exhibition Innovation Fund – congratulations AV Festival and Animate Projects/CMI, the award is very well deserved and we look forward to seeing your projects as they progress.

If you’ve been following the action from afar (or if you’d just like to revisit any of the discussions we’ve had over the last two days), we’ll be sharing the presentation slides (where applicable) here in the next few days. We’ll also be collecting some of the great questions and comments that have been posted online during #thiswayup14 via Storify, so you’ll be able to catch up with those too.

In the meantime, we’ll look forward to seeing you next year!

Newcastle 2014TWU Team