Tour des Cinémas

Only 1 day to go! THIS WAY UP 15 is now sold out and we have delegates from Sweden, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and AUSTRALIA coming!!  In preparation for all our wonderful guests soon to arrive at HOME, we've asked some of the people coming from further afield to introduce themselves.

Here are Agnès Salson and Mikael Arnal, from France, who are part way through their Tour des cinémas and making a stop in Manchester. (@tourdescinemas)

Welcome to THIS WAY UP 15! Tell us a little about yourselves.

We are two young explorers touring Europe, over 120 days we aim to discover new practices in cinemas exhibition culminating in a website and a webserie to encourage the sharing of ideas. Last year, we visited around 100 cinemas in France and wrote a book called "Dream the cinemas, tomorrow".

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.43.29
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.43.29

What is your ambition with the Tour des Cinémas project?

We want to start our own cinema in France with modular spaces for new contents such as indie video games and VR projects as well as being a creative platform for artists and produce our own audiovisual creations.

Why are you attending the conference?

The challenges faced by cinema exhibition are a global phenomenon linked to consumer new habits and new ways of experiencing culture in the digital age. As the challenges are now global, we all gain from sharing ideas, and it is essential these are confronted in a fun and exciting way.

Are there particular conversations that you feel are universal?

This Way Up conferences tackle relevant contemporary topics that go beyond the typical issues of cinema exhibition to include the entire field in a larger ecosystem. Questioning the identity of the cinema -in the venue and online- from the perspective of the audience’s experience (“Are your expensive cakes alienating your audience ?” for example) is also refreshing. From gender equality in filmmaking (F-Rated) to the place of documentary (Devaluing the Doc) and local production (Local Stories), to data management (Data is beautiful, honest) we are very excited about all the questions raised and we can’t wait to hear and share what will be said.

Do you have a favourite cat video?

Our favorite  ♥

Manchester 2015TWU Team