Experience vs Price and Culture vs Commercial Success: a jam-packed afternoon for day 1

That’s the end of the (scheduled) discussions at day 1 of This Way Up 15, it’s been a great afternoon of questions, debates and ideas. First up after lunch, we examined The Price and Value of Cinema -  an important topic that proved a bit of an emotion stirrer for our panel and delegates alike! Cultural programming and commercial success – mutually exclusive or entirely achievable? You decide.

Meanwhile, in our Not For the Likes of You session, we tried to figure out what barriers audiences face in trying something new – such as cultural or arthouse cinema – and what venues in these sectors can do to make new audiences comfortable.

Is investment in customer service enough? Could an introductory pricing model work? Or is it all about the venue experience and the cakes you sell? Closing out the day’s discussions, Subscribe or Die: Examining Loyalty Through Pricing Models and Are Your Expensive Cakes Alienating Your Audience? ran with these ideas, with much agreement that audience loyalty is experience-led rather than a product of price alone.

Finally, in “I’m Not Like You, I Don’t Feel Like You” we got inside the collective audience brain via ‘neuromarketing’ – an increasingly popular tool to provide quantifiable data on audience reaction to films.

Next up this evening, we’re giving the audience the opportunity to control the fate of one man’s story in Choose Your Own Documentary – a unique live experience where the choices you make throughout change the outcome of the unfolding story.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the action via Twitter @thiswayupcon / #TWU15, and don’t forget you can submit questions and comments to us at any time via slido.com.

Manchester 2015TWU Team