THIS WAY UP starts today! Welcome to New Horizons!

It's finally arrived - the day you've all been waiting for - THIS WAY UP 15 is happening... NOW! 250 delegates and speakers are descending on HOME today and with some coming from further afield, here's our second look at our international guests. Welcome HOME to Agata, Joanna and Michał from Kino Nowe Horyzonty, Wroclaw in Poland. Tell us a little about you- who are you, what is your cinema like?

We are three filmbuffs working for New Horizons Association in Poland, that runs 9-screen, 2,5 thousand seats arthouse cinema in Wroclaw – Kino Nowe Horyzonty, as well as two main festivals in Poland – T-mobile New Horizons IFF and American Film Festival. Agata Burdzy is in charge of public relations, Michał Weksler - marketing manager and Joanna Żak is in charge of programming the cinema.


Why are you attending the conference?

We are undertaking the audience development program that involves study visit at the chosen cultural institution in Europe. We’ve chosen Watershed in Bristol and HOME  in Manchester as the model institutions for ourselves truly believing that we will get inspired by the most. As three different individuals with variety of ideas and professional needs we discovered that the This Way Up conference can feed us with the adequate knowledge we are thriving for. Except for the networking opportunities we are excited to attend the workshops and panels that focus on audience development especially, as well as discovering and discussing new trends of the film exhibition. Sharing ideas, discussing similar issues with others in the field could give as the opportunity to distance ourselves from our day to day work, analyze our work, confront and compare the ideas in order to define our status. As the arthouse cinema run by passionate individuals, that has to fill the economy needs we must constantly examine ourselves. The conference is the place that will allow us to do it.

What do you hope to gain by attending?

We want put ourselves into perspective, gain an opportunity to redefine our way of thinking, challenge the effectiveness of our actions and be able to think outside the box.

Which session are you most excited about?

As a team of three we decided to split and attend different workshops in order to clash the ideas and outcomes afterwards. Thanks for this opportunity!! We are especially interested in: Not For The Likes Of You, The Price and Value Of cinema, Cinephile Activism, Are Your Expensive Cakes Alienating Your Audience?, The Film Is Not Enough.

Are there particular conversations that you feel are universal- possibly being discussed in Poland? or that you feel are big issues also in Poland?

We believe most of the issues being discussed at the conference are universal but not being explored or talked about enough in Poland. Firstly, some of them touch on important concepts such as audience development which is not well recognized yet. For example, still a lot of exhibitors will program intuitively without diagnosing and respectively implementing viewers needs. Secondly, arthouse exhibitors have to confront multiplexes and theirs commercial business models that are difficult to compete with. This makes ‘fighting’ for audience and market challenging. Lastly, the ‘critical condition’ of arthouse titles is facing demanding times as the possibilities of promotional tools are growing in the golden times of internet.

Do you have a favourite cat video?

We can’t get enough of this video in our office!

Manchester 2015TWU Team