30 Seconds With... Tara Judah



As we approach THIS WAY UP 17, we're checking in for 30 seconds only with some of our speakers, keynotes, facilitators, delegates and pals. And so without further ado, Tara Judah shares some thoughts...


Writer/Critic and Co-Director of the rare beast that is a video shop.

Three words to describe your feelings about film:

Love, empathy, striving.

What inspires you daily:

People who make time to come to the video shop.

What’s the most challenging thing about being in film right now?

People who think it’s dead.

And, the biggest opportunity?

The very real need for community and engagement – it's not dead yet!

What was the last film you saw?

The Dark Half (1993) George A Romero.

Video on Demand: forces filmmakers to think differently or ruins the cinematic experience?

Neither. It’s just another of very many things bobbing about in the attention economy.

Positive discrimination: essential for the film sector or the wrong approach to gender equality?

Absobloodylutely essential.

Choose your own adventure films: an exciting development or A SCOURGE THAT will destroy the shared cinematic experience?

LOL. A (fun) flash in the pan.

VR in Film: enhances the experience for the viewer or negatively impacts traditional storytelling?

Neither, another thing that has its own place, maybe alongside, but not equal to cinema.

Director / Talent Q&As: AN insufferably boring WAKINg nightmAre or a great way of engaging and developing audiences?

It’s engagement and, like all things that call for engagement, it can work, and it can not work.

IMHO, just because all things can work, doesn’t mean they inherently will. Also, I’m not in the race to innovate for the sake of it, I’m all about engagement, passion, impact and effect.

What are you looking forward to most about TWU17?

The more conversational approach to panels. ❤️

What part of the TWU17 debate are you most interested in and why?

Ethics and Resilience – cinema, in fact the world, needs more love, equity and parity, which has a lot to do with ethics.

Where can people find you online?

Twitter: @midnightmovies

Instagram: @tarajudah

Or at tarajudah.com

Hull 2017TWU Team