As someone who is in the creative sector and who is also a German citizen, I was really intrigued by this session. Me and my family regularly have our own discussions about Brexit and our place in the UK, so I thought it would be insightful to see what impact Brexit could have on the creative sector. 

The session started off with premeditated questions from the interviewer. This was a great way to cover all grounds and to give the audience a more thorough understanding of Brexit and its implications on the film industry and the creative sector in Britain. After that the audience got the opportunity to ask any burning questions they had. This was the perfect way for attendees who were there from organisations and companies that are uncertain about the effect of Brexit for them and their businesses.

I really liked the perspective of Dave Moutrey, the chief executive at HOME Manchester. He discussed the implications that Brexit is having on communities and how it is basically separating society. I think for me and ROOT-ed Zine, this is probably one of the most worrying implications of Brexit. Separation in society never leads to anything positive and can in fact have devastating consequences. It already has! There has been a rise in hate crimes since the Brexit referendum results in summer 2016. 

The panellists were all extremely knowledgable on the topic of Brexit and how to prepare for it and provided valuable insight. However, in my opinion, it would have been good to have a person of colour on the panel.

Brexit naturally brings up the question of race, identity and nationality which are questions that visible people of colour receive every day. Therefore, a person of colour’s input would have brought more depth to the discussion. However, over all the session was great and I left feeling like I had learnt something.

Amber Akaunu, co-founder of ROOT-ed Zine