What NOT to expect at This Way Up 2018

As each year passes, we become ever conscious of the impact a conference of our size has; both the positive and the negative impacts.

In particular, we consider the environmental impact and we are keen to ensure our footprint is as minimal as possible. Therefore, here are the things you will not receive at This Way Up 2018.


Tote Bags

You’ve got enough of them, right? Do bring one or two with you.


Keep cups

We encourage you to bring your own and top up from our refreshment table.


Catalogue, brochure or excessive print

All the information you need will be condensed and provided as a fold-out in your delegate badge/lanyard.

Detailed information will be on the website.



We are keeping print to an absolute minimum, instead, humans will point the way and direct you around our venues.


The print you see at This Way Up will be on FSC paper and will be printed with environmentally friendly inks. Our logo board and flags are made from recycled materials.

Thank you for your ongoing support of This Way Up, we can’t wait to see you in Liverpool, and if you think the venue looks a little less ‘branded’ than usual, then you know why!